Whats the word for a fear of monkeys?

No really, it’s f**king awful

Can anyone  else identify with this?  I’ve had an irrational fear of monkeys and apes for as long as I can remember.  This severely limits the enjoyment I get out of films featuring primates unless the apes are supposed to be scary.  What’s your favourite monkey movie.  I’ll start the ball   rolling with ‘Planet of the Apes‘.  My least favourite would be ‘Ed‘ starring Matt LeBlanc and a baseball playing chimp.  So give me your best and worst monkey based mayhem!


  1. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Ed scares me for other reasons, mostly those having to do with millions of dollars spent to make such crap. Did you have a bad experience as a child with a mechanic at a Grease Monkey?


  2. You forgot Project X(starring Matthew Broderick, and not the movie about the kick ass party that makes me feel really old), where a group of evil monkeys have a secret facility in which they learn to fly fighter planes(warnings of a future to come? I think so)


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