New director for James Bond 25

This week Skyfall director Sam Mendes confirmed he will not be directing the next James Bond movie. Being that it is the biggest grossing film in the UK ever, this has already started the rumour mill going into overdrive. I don’t want to be left out so I thought I’d present some suggestions for my loyal readers (or screenkickers as absolutely none of you refer to yourselves). The fun part of this is that the predictions for Bond directors are never correct. It could turn out to be anyone. Here’s who I would like to see.

1. Quentin Tarantino


Has always expressed interest in doing one but only if he gets to write it.  In December 2012 he ruled himself out of directing saying that he had wanted to helm Casino Royale. Tarantino is no stranger to violence and cool suits in his film.  Expect Samuel L Jackson as the villain and Christophe Waltz as M.

Potential storyline
A direct sequel to ‘On her majesty’s service‘ see James (Jamie Foxxx) going after his wife’s murderer. Using a samurai sword instead of his trademark Walther PP9 the climax is a super long discussion about comic books with Blofield.

2. Christopher Nolan


Everyone’s dream match of director and film.  The influence of bond on him is obvious in Inception and batman is basically bond without the drink problems or STDs. An orphan with an elderly butler, a man who hands out gadgets, and an old mansion that gets burned to the ground. The two are kindred spirits.

Potential storyline
James Bond is an amnesiac secret Agent who has to figure out who he is and what’s going on.  Hopefully there are no other films like this with a main character called JB. What are the chances?

3. Martin Scorsese

Obscure Bond reference no.36

Go on Marty do it! Scorsese has the style and no one does unexpected scenes of violence quite like him. Might have to dial down the swearing and long tracking shots of 007 walking through nightclubs.

Potential storyline
Ex con Jimmy Bond is trying to piece his life back together after doing time for the brutal murder of 565 evil henchmen. But when his cousin Paulie Bond (Joe Pesci) contacts him he’s dragged into the world of organised crime and drugs.

So what do you lot think? Who should direct Bond 25. The first person to get it right gets decapitated by a bowler hat. And who wouldn’t love that?


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