Want to be a movie producer?!


Ever dreamt of becoming the next Harvey Weinstein or Jerry Bruckheimer?  Smoking cigars and snorting cocaine off the thighs of a Filipino migdet prostitute clown? (Just me then?…).  Do you prefer Lost Boys to Twilight? Well today Screenkicker gives you the opportunity to help out with a real life movie!  So Dark is a new short film by Ali Lougher and is the sequel to his award nominated vampire movie So Pretty.  Described as an anti-Twilight story it was screened around the world to great acclaim and was a finalist at the Shot On Red Film Festival in 2012. .  Have a look at it here and you can join in with a Kickstarter style donation.  The perks included range from having your name in the credits to a directors cut blu-ray of the finished movie or being bitten by a real-life vampire (me dressed up as a fat Dracula). So have a look at the link below where you can watch the whole of the prequel and get a sneak peek at the new one. It’s either this or fund my proposed film about a robot travelling back in time from the future to stop the Irish potato famine and nobody wants that.

Actually that looks amazing!


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