Screenkicker on the Road

I’ve heard the whispers on the street, ‘there’s that handsome film blogger who writes Screenkicker. There he is whoring himself out to other blogs’.




Well I’ll admit it, they’re right. However I’m a high class prostitute as today I’m featured as a guest reviewer on one of my favourite blogs – Pop over there for my epic review of Fast Five (known as Fast and Furious 5 in the UK). I’m Filmhipster’s ‘Hipster for a day’ and it’s been a pleasure.

And about the ‘whore’ thing, I see myself more as the littlest hobo of film critics, travelling from blog to blog helping out people in need of kick-ass reviews. I also wander from town to town naked but a court order prevents me from talking about it. So go check out and see the mess this hobo left there.

See you next time!


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