Reviews in a Hurry – Dead Man Down

Feel like life is going too fast? Don’t seem to have much time on your hands?  Want to know if a movie is good or not?  Well Screenkicker proudly presents Reviews in a Hurry.  This new feature skips the foreplay and tickles your film bone (lost control of that sentence, let’s move on).  A guest reviewer will let you know in less than ten words how good a movie is.  Let’s kick it off with a review of the Colin Farrell hitman drama Dead Man Down by Chris Bridges from Edinburgh.  Chris says:


Thanks Chris. Good review in a hurry.

Would you like to submit a review in a hurry? To do this you can either find me in the street and shout your review to me or you can send me an email title ‘Review in a hurry’ to Go on, have a go and we’ll be back soon with another one.


  1. The way the plot plays out has been done before and it tries too hard to be an innovative action-drama movie, without doing anything new, cool, or original for that matter. Nice review Chris.


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