Edinburgh Film Festival 2013 Preview


It’s nearly that time of year again.  Cannes has just finished and the clean up of diamonds, vomit, and broken dreams is still underway.  That means it must be time for the world famous Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) and I’ll be your man on the inside for all the gossip.  And by gossip I mean I’ll be telling you exactly how many Kazakhstani wildlife documentaries and Indonesian balloon sex films I watch during the fest.  The balloon thing has nothing to do with the festival, it’s just ah, something I’m researching. Don’t judge me!


So what do I have in store for you lucky readers?  Well today I’ll look at some of the anticipated movies playing during the festival.  I’ll try to cover as many genres and countries as possible.

The East


Critically acclaimed eco-thriller from the multi-talented Brit Marling. She writes and stars alongside Ellen Page and early word on the movie is very very good.

Monsters University


The prequel to Monsters Inc. It follows Mike and Sully through their college years. Personally I’m a bit disappointed to see Pixar producing so many sequels to their films but hopefully this is more like Toy Story 2 and not Cars 2.

Upstream Color


The new film from Shane Carruth writer/director of head boiling time machine flick Primer. Its a sci-fi tale about…. Actually I have no idea and I’ve read a description of it. This makes it smarter than I’d expect from someone who can’t spell ‘colour’.

Breathe In


The European première of this Sundance hit. It’s an intimate drama from Drake Domerus the director of Like Crazy. Stars Guy Pierce and Felicity Jones. Interestingly (or not – pick one) Jones used to be in BBC Radio’s tedious farming soap The Archers.

Have you seen any of these movies yet? What did you think of them? What’s your favourite film fest. Let me know in the comments below.


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