Man of Steel – The secret to the perfect trailer


Let’s all be honest here, the trailers are the best bit about going to the cinema.  You don’t think so?  Well you’re wrong and here’s why.  Have a look at the trailer below for Man of Steel.  It looks amazing.  But deep down I know the film won’t be as good as the trailer makes it look.

Hmmmm, I can’t put my finger on why this is wrong

The reason for this?  Well trailers have the opportunity to use all of the best elements of a movie to tell a short story that blows your mind.  This is why there is never an excuse for studios to release a bad trailer.  It can contain the coolest scenes, the best lines, great music, all in a two minute span of time.

You could cut an amazing trailer from a day at work in a cardboard factory so there really isn’t an excuse for some of the poor ones we see.  Take ‘The Lone Ranger’ trailer.  It’s just not good, there’s nothing exciting, funny, or cool, it just goes by in the most mundane way possible.  This doesn’t necessarily mean the movie will be bad but it doesn’t bode well for the finished product.

So what’s an example of one of these perfect trailers I’ve been hinting at?  Have a look at the ‘Man of Steel’ trailer below:

It ticks all my perfect trailer boxes which are

– Tells enough of the story for it to build anticipation
– Throws in some memorable lines
– Fantastic music
– Doesn’t give too much away
– Has Russell Crowe with a huge beard

I think these are easy steps for studios to follow so there really isn’t any excuse as to why they forget to follow them. The same could be said for the trailer for Kick-Ass 2. The word ‘underwhelming’ springs to mind when watching it. And in turn that can extinguish the excitement that viewers have for the movie. Which is the opposite of the reason for a trailer. Trailers are an art form in themselves and can sell a movie better than any big star. So what I’m saying is: stop making shit trailers. Whew I got to the point eventually.

Do you have a favourite trailer? Can you correctly guess how many times the word ‘trailer’ appears in this article. Let me know below.


  1. The Tree of Life is one of the best trailers I have ever seen and the film didn’t deliver as well as that. Also ones to think of – The Dark Knight Rises, Watchmen (although still solid), and yes, I love the previously mentioned Miami Vice. I loved the shit out of that trailer and was so sad when the flick came out.

    Nice comparison of Man of Steel and The Lone Ranger. I feel I’m one of the few people adamantly against that movie…


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