1982 – Possibly the greatest year ever


You know how I like to operate – Screenkicker is all killer, no filler. Except this time. This post is the very definition of filler and all just to tell you…….

It’s my birthday today!  There’s still time for you guys to submit your gifts, marriage proposals, death threats, or cold card cash. So to celebrate this epic day in history I’m going to take a look at some of the notable movies that were released in the year I came to Earth in a small spaceship which crashed in rural Northern Ireland.

Originally I was going to base this post around actors that were born on the same day as me. That was until I found out what award winning, respected screen stars this included. Precisely zero. The closest I could get was Showgirls ‘actress’ Elizabeth Berkeley who was born in 1972.

On her tenth birthday there was a great disturbance in the force

So are the films from 1982 as bad as this revelation? Well it turns out that 1982 was one of the greatest years for movies ever with extra points going to it for having the screen debuts of Hulk Hogan and Mr T. Here’s a small sample of the award winners that glorious year:

E.T (fun fact – I’ve never seen E.T)
Sophie’s Choice

But this is Screenkicker, award winning epics aren’t what we’re all about. Where are the borderline bad/cheesy/f**king awesome movies that get you guys excited? 82 has that covered so I present the five most Screenkickery films of the year:

5. The Beastmaster

Things are about to get weird!

That’s more like it. Lemur-faced hunk Marc Singer plays a loincloth wearing warrior who can communicate with the animals in a distinctly more bad-ass style than that Doolittle prick. Features terrifying creatures that dissolve people inside their big leathery wings.

4. Airplane 2

Airplane in space! It not nearly as good as the original but is still hilarious. And it contains this perfect scene:

3. Conan the Barbarian

What can I say? Arnie versus James Earl Jones with dodgy special effects, extreme violence and quite a cool script. Conan makes a great role model for anyone who has ever wanted to have sex with a witch before throwing her in a fire. Just me?

2. Creepshow

Yes, that’s Leslie Neilsen and yes, this does happen

Before V.H.S there was another horror anthology movie and it was called Creepshow. The brainchild of George A. Romero and Stephen King, it’s an exercise in scary, disgusting, and downright bizarre stories starring actors you won’t expect.

1. The Thing

He’s behind you!

John Carpenter’s greatest film. Contains the best pre CGI effects ever and all to create some truly grotesque imagery. Kurt Russell is fantastic as the gruff McCready and that ending is great. If you haven’t seen it get it sorted losers!

Honourable mentions: Rocky III, Poltergeist, Grease 2, Porky’s

There are more because as said before it’s the greatest year of film ever. Oh and if you’re thinking ‘why hasn’t he included Blade Runner?’ It’s because I just don’t like it.

What’s the best movie released in the year you were born? Let me know below.


  1. Epic. You’re inspiring me to maybe steal your idea outright and just do it for 1983.

    I laughed hard at the Airplane 2 scene. I forgot about that, but at least that one part is classic. And I also forgot all about those terrifying things from Beastmaster that turned people to goop. They terrified me every time.


    • Haha you should definitely do it, you have my blessing!

      Although I’m pretty sure nothing good came out in 1983! Actually was that the year Return of the Jedi came out out. If so I’ll have to eat my words!


  2. I’m digging your blog. Found you via IPC. Happy late Birthday! And since I’m a horror freak, I’m looking only at horror movies released the year I was born. I’ve got to go with Grizzly. Sure it was cheesy, but it had the balls to have its killer bear bite an annoying kid’s (is there any other kinds of kid, really?) arm off. I respect that. 😀


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