Meet the new (spin) Doctor!


It’s official. Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor. Is this a good choice? Let’s decide right here and right now!

Capaldi is most famous for his role a Malcolm Tucker in the brilliant political comedy series The Thick of It. Tucker was the foul-mouthed Scot (is there any other kind?) government Director of Communications who would verbally destroy anyone who as much as looked at him.

So will Capaldi escape from the shadow of this legendary character? Personally I think he should play the new Doctor exactly like Tucker. Incidentally I’ve received some of the scripts from the next season of Doctor Who. Here are some quotes from it:

The Doctor: Davros. I mean the guy is an epic f**k-up. Heโ€™s so dense that light bends around him.

The Doctor: What’s up with you? You look like you’ve shat a Lego garage

The Doctor [to Donna]: ENOUGH! E-f**king-nough! You need to learn to shut your f**king cave, right? Today, you have laid your first, big, fat egg of solid f**k.

The Doctor: [knock on TARDIS door] Listen, if you’re not a prostitute or a pizza guy, f**k off!

I’m not sure how this new direction will go down with the Saturday evening family viewers but I for one can wait for The Doctor to call Micky a ‘c**t’.

Here’s a clip of Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker in In the Loop for anyone who hasn’t seen the new Doctor in action. Do not open this at work!

What do you think of the new Doctor? Who’s your favourite Doctor? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I am very surprised they went older… It doesn’t bother me but I thought that was surprising…

    Peter Davison has always been my favorite!


  2. Haha! I hope they go your way with the new Doctor. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Will be interesting to see. I love Doctor Who but I’m still a newbie. The Christopher Ecclestone ones started up just after I moved to the UK so I don’t have much knowledge of anything before those. He was really good but David Tennant was my favorite. Never could get into Matt Smith so I’m sure I’ll like Capaldi more than him at least.


  3. I have never watched an episode at Dr. Who. It wasn’t on when I was kid or I would have watched then. Now I could see it, but just think it couldn’t possibly live up to the hype I’ve heard over the years so I pass it by.


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