Mikey’s Movie Showcase – The Ultimate Ultimate

Making movies looks really hard and essentially is why someone as lazy as me could never do it. But what about those potential Scorseses, er, Scorcesii? Shit, what’s the plural of a Scorcese? Anyway here’s a new feature for independent film makers.

Here I’ll showcase truly independent films, long or short, from new movie makers.  If you would like your film to be in the Screenkicker spotlight then just drop me an email at michaelboyd185@gmail.com. I’ll watch your movie and write a bit about it.

First up we have The Ultimate Ultimate, an indie comedy from film making collective A Set of Works. They’re based in Houston, Texas and this is actually their third movie. It tells the tale of a lovable idiot who goes on vacation to recover after getting dumped by his, in all fairness far too hot for him (sorry Joe), girlfriend. This is the brainchild of writer, director, star Joe Benarick and Exec Producer and star Frank Aguirre.

There's an 84% chance I keep this photo in my wallet

Made for $5000 The Ultimate Ultimate is a silly comedy in the vein of Trailer Park Boys, with shades of The Hangover and Road Trip. The characters talk complete shit and do stupid stuff for eighty minutes to a soundtrack of alternative rock from Miami bands. Throw in some very funny lines (including a Silent Hill joke that made me laugh out loud), gratuitous cleavage shots and a Predator reference (always a good way to get on my side) and you have a fun, knockabout, farce from a clearly talented group of guys. Give it a look even just for a lesson on the mating habits of deer. I’m definitely looking forward to Robocalypse/Tin Tin.

The trailer is below and you can watch the full movie here on YouTube.

Would you like your film showcased here?  Get in touch and remember – I will watch anything. Anything. So do your worst filmmakers!


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