I love reading about bad films. Almost as much as I love writing about them. And that’s exactly what I did for Shitfest 2003 : Fall. Here’s Silent Hill: Revelation for you to judge.

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Silent Hill: Revelations

Shit is a strong word for describing a film. You just don’t just throw around shit whenever you feel like it. Which is part of the reason I was fired from my job at DisneyLand. But I digress, what I’m trying to say is, shit is precious and should be saved for a special occasion. I’m delighted to say, the occasion has come and it’s name is Silent Hill: Revelation. And it’s shit.

I’ll start off with something I like about the movie – it’s not called Silent Hill 2. You see Silent Hill 2 happens to be the name of probably the scariest video game ever made. It would be a shame to sully the reputation of something great with this absolute mess of a film. So what’s this about then?

This is the sequel to 2006’s Silent Hill which was the story about…

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