Extinction: The Musical – Mikey’s Movie Showcase

I hate extinctions. I think they’re total dicks. At the same time though I’m not against certain creatures being eliminated. The rat, the cockroach, the Kardashian. No one would miss them. But what about those animals that died out too soon? The mysterious unicorn, the deadly cave troll, or the majestic Rancor?

Sneak up on this guy, Attenborough!

Ok so my biology is a bit rusty and that’s why I’m so glad to have discovered the next movie in Mikey’s Movie Showcase. It’s called Extinction: The Musical and is an animated short by arty duo Lisa Graham and Denis Mallon and features two of my favourite things – talking dodos and epic basslines.

Apes desecrating corpses – What more could you want

Denis says “We loved having the opportunity to bring these iconic creatures back to life, and to find out more about their fascinating stories. All the events in the film are based on real-life theories, proving the old cliché that truth is stranger than fiction.”

I had a teacher who looked a bit like this

Learn about extinction and discover strange creatures including my favourite – the giant rice rat. Then you can use that as a name for your band and/or penis. Extinction: The Musical is a great animation with a thoughtful message and a ridiculously catchy soundtrack. Go to http://www.binarybeard.co.uk and watch the whole film for free! Make it quick before the human race is wiped out forever. Wow, that got dark fast.

Have you got a movie you want the world to see? Get in touch and be featured in Mikey’s Movie Showcase. Happy filmmaking!


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