Thor: The Dark World (2013) – Review

The best word to sum up Thor: The Dark World is ‘dull’ . It’s a film where some stuff happens and a guy with a hammer throws it at some people. Put that on your poster guys who made the film.

There’s always time for a hunky pose in the middle of a battle

The first Thor movie was a funny, witty, and heartfelt story of a thunder god who needed to grow up and get shit done. Thor 2 is a boring, unoriginal film about a thunder god who throws around a hammer and smooches Natalie Portman (coincidentally this is at the top of my bucket list).  The story involves Thor fighting an army of planet hopping elves (yes, I said elves) who want to destroy the universe or something, I honestly didn’t care enough to remember.

It’s the better aspects of the film that drive the disappointment home. The lighter comedy scenes work well but serve to remind you of the superior first film. Hemsworth and Portman have good chemistry and bring a light, frothy humour to the movie.

There must have been a sale on rejected Doctor Who alien costumes

Best of all though is Tom Hiddleston’s Loki who yet again walks away with every scene he’s in. His banter with Thor is the best thing about the movie. More Loki, more likey is my new motto. However having touches of brilliance in a bad film is basically like being served a glass of fine wine with your shit sandwich.

But none of these highlights can lift this mediocre fantasy from being mostly forgettable. The culmination of the story in a massive smackdown in London almost raises the quality (look out for some Monsters Inc inspired travel) but even this falls flat as it lacks a memorable foe or even a coherent cause for the god of thunder to fight for.

Alanis Morisette had seen better days

Thor: The Dark World isn’t as huge a disaster as something like Iron Man 2, it’s just a bit crap. Punters paid to see Thor swinging his big tool around and Loki being a devious little bastard. The movie should have revolved around these two tenets but instead crumbles into a confused mess. Thor 2? More like Snore 2. Sadly the movie is even less imaginative than that joke. Give it a miss.


*edit – I’ve decided after a day to think about it to give Thor 2 another point. 5 means it’s very average. It’s probably worth a rental but is by no means a good film.


  1. Nice review. I actually quite liked it. Nowhere near as fun as Iron Man 3 which I really liked (but like you I hated Iron Man 2), but if anything I preferred this to the first Thor film. I really enjoyed the relationship between Thor and Loki, an aspect of the first film and The Avengers that I was never particularly fussed about.


  2. So many mixed reviews for this movie, I still have to see it though but I wasn’t a big fan of the 1st movie so am going with a completely open mind on this one. Not expecting a masterpiece.


  3. OMG!


    1. Good job reviewing this without perving on Hemsworth. My review may have had a bit too much of that. 😉

    2. I really enjoyed this!!! What are you on about?! Lol. Oh well – I guess we all have different opinions. 😉 I thought it was better than the first one.


  4. I thought it was a decent follow up but, hey, not everyone likes the same things and we all have different tastes!

    Can’t wait for Cap’s return though in ‘Winter Soldier’!


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