PlayStation 4 : The Screenkicker Verdict

If it seems like I haven’t been posting much lately then the simple answer is that I haven’t actually seen many films in the last month or so. So what have I been doing instead? Why, I’ve been preparing myself for the arrival of my very own PlayStation 4. On the day it was due for delivery I lit some candles, ran a bath, and put on some sexy music in preparation for my new powerful black guest. Or i might have just went to the door and signed for the package, the point is I own a PS4. So was it worth the wait?

Soon we’ll be together my love

The Excitement

The controller is pretty much perfect. All of the shitty parts of the previous controller have been ironed out and replaced with a design of ergonomic bliss. It even has a little speaker on it that adds a little extra to the aural atmosphere.

The graphics are astounding. Not a massive leap but it’s early days and will only improve as game developers become more used to working with the console. Killzone is stupidly detailed even if you sit with your nose pressed against the screen although this is not a recommended viewing method.

You can also use your PS Vita to remotely play your PS4 games. Now you never need to stop playing. Toilet trips, family meals, childcare custody hearings, none of these will drag on anymore because you can be stabbing someone in their stupid virtual neck while the boring shit goes on in the background.

PS Phwoarrrr!!!!

The Disappointment

There aren’t as many multimedia features as on the PS3. There’s no media server, it doesn’t play CDs, and you can’t have your own music on it unless you sign up for Sony’s own Music Unlimited service. Some of these features will come later but not having them available at launch is disappointing.

The games are ridiculously expensive when compared to previous generations’ games. £55 is a joke for a piece of entertainment but hopefully the prices will come down as the market expands.

The Games

Killzone: Shadow Fall

It really is a beautiful game

The fourth main game in the series that has always been praised for looking beautiful, Shadow Fall doesn’t disappoint in this regard. It’s decidedly a next-gen game and works great for showing off the capabilities of the PS4. The actually game is good but suffers from starting too well with the quality tapering off as the game goes on. Multiplayer is still great though.


You really need to see it in motion

Now we’re talking. My first videogame ever was Defender on the Atari 2600 so it was with great joy I found Resogun which is basically a suped up Defender with superb graphics and exquisite gameplay. You fly your little ship around circular arenas blasting baddies and rescuing humans. It’s as pure as gaming gets and best of all it’s free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The Verdict

With the PS4 Sony appears to be producing a manifesto that sides with gamers and games. This isn’t a multimedia jack of all trades. Its a dedicated powerful games console that hasn’t been watered down to appeal to a massive casual audience. It feels like a machine that’s been made just for me and it’ll be extremely exciting how it develops over the next few years.

Get one and join me, my PSN ID is metalmike25. Let the games commence!


  1. Hi. Sorry, I stumbled across this site looking for film reviews, but I appear to have surfered onto some wannabe Dominic Diamond’s gamer page.

    Sorry, I’ll let you get back to dungeons and dragons.


  2. “On the day it was due for delivery I lit some candles, ran a bath, and put on some sexy music in preparation for my new powerful black guest.”

    … I love this post so much.


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