The Screenkicker Podcast is here!

It’s finally here! The first ever Screenkicker podcast has been born under a mysterious star in the sky. The team here squeezed it out after three hours of intense labour before cutting it up into a manageable size. I’m going to abandon that metaphor right here and tell you that the podcast is available to download or listen to on Soundcloud so follow the link below for some intense audio porn.

Join your hosts – me (Mikey), Chris, and Denis for a whirlwind review of the best and worst of 2013. Listen out for the voices of Chris and Denis which sound like honey being poured through a didgereedoo and vomit at the sound of mine which can only be compared to a weasel being sucked through the engine block of an antique car.

“Has anyone seen my weasel?”

As this is our first ever attempt we’re open to suggestions on what we could do better next time so let me know in the comments below or tweet me @metalmike25. Just don’t be too harsh as Chris has a diva complex and Denis suffers from a debilitating Toblerone addiction.



  1. I got about half way through before I had to quit and do some work. I’ll finish tonight when I get home – you blokes are difficult to understand at time : )


  2. Forgot to comment here but listened when you linked it on Twitter. Great job! I do love hearing you crazy bloggers. 🙂 And I understood every word because I’m not like all these other silly Americans. 😉


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  4. Unfortunately, I am unable to click on the Soundcloud link so I will look for it later;) Congrats! Sounds like many have enjoyed it so I can’t wait to hear it!


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