Screenkicker’s First Birthday!


We made it! One year old baby! Today approximately one year ago Screenkicker truly arrived on the scene. There had been a couple of reviews posted over the previous few months but it was on 29th December 2012 that a drunken Dark Knight Rises review came crawling and screaming out of my literary womb. And with that Ive just lost any potential new readers. To celebrate this great day i’m going to talk about my favourite moments of the year in the classic style of the list.


My readers – This is the reason the site exists, for everyone to read my opinions and discuss movies in general. I’ve had 11,000 views and over 1,000 comments, each one read by me and you know what? Some of you are f**kin weirdos. And I like it! So here’s to another year of you guys borderline insane ramblings. Bring it on!

EIFF – The Edinburgh International Film Festival was a fantastic experience for a new blogger such as me. I managed to get a press pass and attended two or three screenings a day. The pressure of writing about so many movies in such a short period of time was a great learning experience for me. Roll on this year’s festival!

Meeting fellow bloggers – Being an antisocial recluse with a red bull addiction and the natural instinct to kill anything that moves, it was to my great surprise that I struck up so many great relationships with other bloggers. For some reason movie bloggers seem to be the nicest, funniest, smartest people on the internet and it’s been a pleasure talking shit with everyone of them. Look out for an upcoming article on my favourite blogs very soon.


The Screenkicker Podcast – The podcast was born from a throwaway comment from my friend Chris which became reality when we roped in tech guru and cheese provider Denis. We recorded over 3 hours of material which had to be cut down to forty minutes. The cuttings mainly consist of my risque and not at all funny ‘jokes’ but the process was a lot of fun. You can still listen to the finished product here!

My contributors – a big thank you to Denis and Chris who contributed excellent reviews of Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 1+2 and The Counsellor. Also a big f**k you too for showing me up as a talentless hack how relies on dick jokes and poorly captioned photos. I hope there will be more from these guys is 2014 and also many more contributors.

That’s a small selection of some highlights of 2013 but I’d be here forever going into too much detail. What were the results for 2013 I don’t hear you ask. Well strap in for some hardcore sexy statistics!

Thats over 11,000 views which blows my mind as I’ve only viewed the site 8,000 times. Add to this over 1,000 comments and you’ve got one very happy first year blogger.

The most searched for term is of course Eskimo Porn, a phrase that you can read about here and which is so popular I considered naming this site after it. Other strange searches include such upsetting concepts such as ‘Zooey Deschanel Ass’ and ‘Woman Vomit Movie’ leaving me extremely frightened.


Finally I’ll leave you with a few of my personal favourite Screenkicker articles for your perusal:

Overkill – Why Zombies are dead to me now
Pulgasari – The true story of kidnap, North Korea and one awful film
5 things movies always get wrong about cancer
3d or not 3d – Confessions of a cinema cyclops
Beginner’s guide to Korean

No thanks Scarlett, the enjoyment of my readers is reward enough

So there you have it, Screenkicker is one year old. I hope every one of you keeps reading for the big things that are coming in 2014. More reviews, more lists of random shit, more podcasts, and hopefully a new blogathon for some of my writing chums to smear their crap over this sacred site. Watch this space and as always, any suggestions you have or if you’d like to contribute to the site then be sure to let me know here.

Thanks for a fantastic year folks, I’m going to celebrate with some Redbull and murder. Til next time, be good fellow film fans!


  1. Congrats buddy. It’s quite a thing when your first year is over. It does (rightly) feel like an achievement. I know I’m relatively new to your site but I’ll be popping in more regularly this year.


  2. I laughed the whole way through this. A very Happy Birthday to you, Screenkicker! Here’s to many more! I assume we’ll all be getting our invites for a wild belated birthday weekend in the near future? πŸ˜‰


  3. Happy birthday! You’re a mad yoke. When’s the birthday sesh? I could go for some redbull and murder! But well done, a year is an achievement. As is having a great blog!


  4. Yay! Happy birthday! πŸ™‚ So glad you’ve decided to do this blogging thing – I always love your posts. Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚ And, hey – I’m doing a blogathon if you’re interested in smearing your crap on my site!!! If so, be quick – most the good films are gone. πŸ˜‰


      • I’m sending this message to everyone who has signed up for the Hughes blogathon. It’s been so popular that I’ve decided to open it up again & let as many people choose any movie they want. All I ask is that you also still do your original choice as well so that I don’t just end up with 100 reviews of Ferris Bueller. ; ) So those who asked for two or three already can have them all. I’ll update the post later today when I get time. Thanks all for all the interest! : )


  5. Just remember you’d be jack shit without redbull, Denis and that handsome one Chris (he reminds me of a Welsh Denzil Washington).

    Happy birthday butt-head.


  6. Congrats!! Here’s to a long future :).

    If you could pop on over and vote for your top 3 films of 2013, I’d be so thankful! Need to start compiling. If the poll is closed, just leave a comment or shoot me an email. Thanks again!


  7. YAYYY! Better late than never, but Happy Blog Birthday, friend!
    You’re doing an excellent job with your site and I hope there are many more posts to come. I know I’m not a movie blogger myself, but I agree with you 100% that the movie blogging community is the nicest, most accepting, most wonderful blogging community out there. I might just be the original movie blog groupie, I love it so much!
    Cheers buddy πŸ™‚


  8. Yay! Happy birthday and a half!! I missed this post before, but damn, it’s a great one — I’m so happy that you’re here in the blogging world even if I’m the worst at visiting. I’ll be back in half a year to wish you happy birthday again, then πŸ˜‰


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