Dirty thief Shia LaBeouf gets owned by Cracked

Heard the one about the entitled little shit who stole someone’s work and claimed it was his own? Yeah, you guessed it, Transformers star and industrial strength asshole Shia LaBeouf recently got found out for stealing a screenplay by Daniel Clowes. Would you like to read about it in the words of someone far more eloquent and concise than me? Follow the link below to read Cracked.com’s Luke McKinney destroy Mr TheBeef. http://www.cracked.com/blog/why-shia-labeouf-hollywoods-new-king-jerks/

That’s not even his lunch he’s eating

Have you ever stolen anything? Maybe you’ve copied my mannerisms and style to get girls? If so my lawyers will be in touch. State your defence below.


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