The Screenkicker Podcast – The Wedding Edition

I promised myself I wouldn’t cry

They said it wouldn’t happen. They said it shouldn’t happen. Well they were half right. The new Screenkicker Podcast is here! This month we have a show packed to the brim with bullshitty goodness. Look out for:

Oscar news!

The greatest ever movie wedding scenes!

A Steven Spielberg quiz!


An in depth analysis of the career of Topher Grace!

“I really am quite awful”

Really what more could you want from a podcast? OK ok you’ve made your point but listen to it anyway. As always leave any feedback below or contact me at @metalmike25 on twitter. To hear the full thing hit this link

That link again is:


  1. Nice job, you crazy fellas! Always fun to listen! Beautiful rendition of Jurassic Park at the end…kind of. Hahaha. P.S. I know the movie that quote is from! Can I say it on here?


  2. Great stuff again lads, very funny. Hope the wedding went off without a hitch and that Chris, his lady and their BLACK MAMBO are now a very happy and well-adjusted family.


  3. I love reading your posts Mikey, but now that I’ve had a podcast, I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same again. I was very interested in the bit about Kim Cattrall’s green eyes.


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