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What happens when a TV producer watches Batman Begins, Lost, and The O.C in a row while eating cheese and then documents the resulting nightmares? You get Arrow, a TV series based on DC Comics’ Green Arrow and it was recommended to me by my blog buddy V. So can we still be friends after watching this? Read on to find out!


Arrow tells the story of Oliver Queen (played by a mostly shirtless Stephen Amell), a billionaire playboy who decides to become a vigilante and rid his home city of crime. Hmmmm sounds familiar. But what differentiates Queen from Bruce Wayne is that he racks up quite the bodycount. Arrows fly everywhere, mainly into the chests of bad dudes making this quite a violent show which helps separate it from other bloodless television equivalents.

Oliver started taking dating advice from me

Each episode cuts between Oliver’s life in Starling City and his time stranded on a deserted island for five years where he learned all his skills. These island scenes are great but they are given to you in drips meaning there’s more time for the dull, cheesy, One Tree Hill family drama. Which is OK if you can get past the fact that every single person in it is impossibly beautiful but personally I like my entertainment to include some mingers. The soapy parts feature one of the most annoying characters in TV history – Thea, Oliver’s teenage sister. If anyone deserves a King Harold style arrow in the face then it’s her.

Cool! Colin Salmon is in it!

Arrow might be slightly uneven tonally but it’s the best bow and arrow shooting entertainment you’ll find. Robin Hood is a mediocre BBC show and Hawkeye from the Avengers is a dull Jeremy Kyle lookalike but Arrow is a fun, watchable piece of silly comic book goodness. It’s essentially The Dark Knight lite and the lead actor is more Chris O’Donnell than Christian Bale but it’s worth watching as it’s the best murderous, vigilante archer show on TV.

And they’re both called Jeremy. Spooky!

Do you watch Arrow? Summer Glau is in the second season so it’ll be cancelled soon. For more superhero chat listen to the all new Screenkicker Podcast for a brief discussion of Spiderman. Enjoy!


  1. So I can stop hiding from the pitchforks? HOORAY! You win the internet today for this line: “…personally I like my entertainment to include some mingers.”

    Thea is by far the most annoying character on Arrow. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted someone to die so badly in a TV show. The flashback island parts are great, but you’re right it does get more than a little cheesy at times. I love it though. We still buds then? ;P


  2. Agree with your assessment. Love the show, but they do have some hiccups tonally. The lead actor, Stephen Amell, has grown on me significantly. But yeah, he is no Christian Bale. That is not an easy accomplishment.


  3. Yaaayyy you like Arrow!!! Our friendship stay intact!!!

    …Kidding. Mostly. πŸ˜‰ This show is a current obsession of mine. I’ve found Thea less annoying in season 2, and I adore Felicity. Also, Oliver is pretty. C’mon. You know you appreciate that a tiny bit.


  4. I tried watching this but didn’t get far, despite the “mostly shirtless”-ness. Hey – I can’t believe you didn’t comment on the boobies I posted specifically for you so I could live up to my award! ; ) Or maybe you did – I fall days behind on comments! Lol. I love “Summer Glau is in the second season so it’ll be cancelled soon.” Haha! Truth.


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