The Lego Movie (2014) – Review

Is everything awesome?

Director: Christopher Miller, Phil Lord
Running time: 100 minutes
Cast: Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman, Will Arnett

When I was growing up i loved Lego more than anything in the world. Sticklebricks were for idiots and toddlers, and Meccano was for those weird nerdy kids. But Lego was for everyone and if you threw me a bag of pieces right now I’d be on the floor, building whatever my tiny brain could dream up.

Ben Affleck could learn a lot from this

So I went into The Lego Movie with trepidation. How do you create a film about a toy that has no back story, no characters, no structure other than to be an outlet for your imagination? My big worry was that it would be an annoying, generic story of friendship and believing in yourself with Lego only crammed in as the canvas to write this tale on. I couldn’t have been more wrong (although there’s a bit of the believing in yourself going on but I digress). Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have taken the essence of Lego and poured all of the crazy random pieces onto the big screen.

You can take the boy out of Northern Ireland……

The story is basically The Matrix but with Lego. That isn’t a criticism and it’s something the film is well aware of with nods to the sci-fi classic occurring throughout. We seen ordinary, boring guy Emmett being sucked into a mission to save the world while meeting all sorts of crazy Lego people, some of which you’ll immediately recognise. However to tell you more of the plot would be to spoil the surprises in it.

See if you can spot Shakespeare

The Lego Movie has possibly the greatest voice cast of any animated film ever with fantastic and memorable performances by Chris Pratt as Emmett, Will Arnett as the second best Batman in screen history, Charlie Day as Benny the overenthusiastic spaceman, and Big Liam Neeson as the chair hating Bad Cop (it’s always nice to hear Big Liam use his natural Norn Iron accent onscreen). With so much going on it would be easy to get lost amongst the craziness but the world is created so well it all makes sense in a strange way.

The facial expressions are excellent

Credit is also due to the animators who have done a supremely amazing job of creating the visuals. The Lego world is presented with animation that looks real and not glossy and perfect dovetailing brilliantly with one of the themes of the film. These imperfections give it a lovely handmade feel which perfectly capture the spirit of Lego.


You’ll notice the words ‘perfect’ and ‘perfectly’ have been used a lot during this review. Sadly I can’t say the whole piece is perfect. This may be due to too much being revealed in the trailers and that the third act over-eggs the metaphysical pudding a bit too much (that line makes sense in my head, OK?). However that doesn’t diminish the achievement of The Lego Movie. It’s charming, touching, thoughtful, inventive and best of all hilarious. In a word it’s awesome. What other movie could turn the word ‘SPACESHIP!!!’ into a classic movie quote?


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  1. Right on Mickey! Great review and caption here… “Ben Affleck could learn a lot from this” Yes indeed! πŸ˜€ I LOVE how expressive these LEGO characters are, way more expressive than Kristen Stewart, ahah.


    but I was worried that it would be terrible. Thank you Mikey, for reaffirming my belief in this movie. Can’t wait to see it. Now, if only I could rustle up someone to see it with. Sadly, a lot of my chums have outgrown animated movies.


  3. So much Lego Movie love!! And it’s so deserving of it. Fantastic film. And fantastic review! I’m going to see it again tomorrow. Hop on a plane! You can come with! πŸ˜‰


  4. The Matrix but with Lego??? Now I know I just have to go and see this movie! My kids adored their Lego sets (still got them all up in the loft!) and I have many happy memories of playing right alongside them making some pretty awesome creations – them, not me πŸ˜‰ Love this review, thanks Mickey πŸ™‚


  5. LOVED this film. I was basically Spaceman Benny in the theater, I just couldn’t stop giggling. So well-done and on my list currently for Biggest Surprise of the year. Nice write-up pal!


  6. I am hearing so many good things about this movie. As a child of the 80’s I loved legos too, I need to see this! The little legos guys look so cute, I bet you do not want to hear that. hahaha.

    Battleship had Rhianna in it, how could you not love it? She’s hot, we’ll give her that, but that was the stupidest movie ever, I literally laughed when I saw that. HAHAHAHA


  7. Haha – SPACESHIP! I loved that part so much. : ) Glad you found a 2D screening & so happy you loved it like I did. Sorry I’m so freaking behind on blog reading again & only just reading this now! Screw it – we’ll always have Twitter. I’m always THERE! ; )


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