The Screenkicker Olympics – Blogathon

I’ve been wanting to start a blogathon ever since I was a child and the internet hadn’t been invented. I guess that kind of shit was one of the reasons I was such a weird little loser back then. Now I’m a big weird loser and there is an internet so I’m proud to present The Screenkicker Olympics!

She’ll be there (subject to change)

The rules are simple. I want you to write about an actor or movie that comes from the place you live or the place you’re from. It can be the town you’re from, the house you live in (for those who live with Romain Dauriac – call me, Scarlett, pllleeeeaasse!!!), or even the country you’re from (except if you’re American, sorry guys, your decadent capitalist empire is just too big). Also you can even write about a movie that’s set in your home. So a summary of the rules –

  • Write/draw/sing/interpretive dance something about an actor or film from your home
  • It can be your home town, state, or country (good luck Luxembourg!)
  • It can be the place you live or the place you’re from
  • It can be a film/TV show/videogame set where you live
  • There’s no standard format so be creative!
One for the ladies!

So if you’d like to represent your home town or country the just get in touch atΒ Michaelboyd185@gmail.comΒ . There will be medals handed out at the end of March for the best entries which will be voted for by you! And there will be a lavish medal award ceremony where winners will be lifted on my shoulders and paraded through the winning town or country*

Normal service resumes

Look out for the opening ceremony/my first entry very soon so get your medal bids in soon! And if you have any questions just get in touch. Remember you can follow me on twitter for frequent updates – @metalmike25

*nudity is obviously mandatory


  1. great idea Mikey. I’ll get you something soon. I grew up in Detroit so I’m not sure if Robocop or Action Jackson will count so I’ll go for my adopted home for the last 22 years instead.

    BTW, took your advice and watched What Maisie Knows. Interesting… will need to let it stew a bit, so I’ll post about it on Sunday


  2. I can’t think of any movie stars from Cookstown. Brad Pitt claimed to be from there in The Devil’s Own, but turned out he was lying.


  3. Ah so to be clear, we email the post to you and then it goes up here, right? Sorry to be daft – haven’t done a blogathon before. I’ve got my movie picked out. Only thing set in San Antonio, Texas besides “The Alamo” (all 4 versions) is “Miss Congeniality.” Which I don’t mind at all! Also, roughly when is this due?


    • Hey thanks for your interest. Its my first blogathon so I’m not sure what I’m doing. You’re Texan! Thats cool, my brother lives in Austin.

      Just email me anytime during this month or March when the posts will be going up. I’m looking forward to reading what you’ve done πŸ™‚


  4. Shit – deadline is end of February? Don’t think I’d manage that. Would I be able to write about something from England in general so you can’t find me?? ; ) Honestly, though – I’m afraid I’ll be too busy with my John Hughes blogathon. : ( I’m already five movie reviews behind never mind the ones I need to do for that. I look forward to reading all these, though! : ) (Did you grab a Hughes movie? I can’t remember!)


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