MiniKicker – The World’s End, White House Down, Winter’s Bone

What is a MiniKicker? Well it’s three mini reviews for your perusal! These reviews are brought to you by the letter W.

Winter’s Bone (2010)


Not the Eskimo porno that I assumed previously, Winter’s Bone sees Jennifer Lawrence in her first Oscar nominated role is as a teenager in rural Missouri who goes looking for her absent father to save her family home. Lawrence is perfect as the determined, brave young girl who’s had to grow up too fast. Winter’s Bone is a grim film that can be tough going but shines a light on back country ghettos that we don’t usually get to explore. A great movie with a star making turn from Lawrence. Recommended.


White House Down (2013)


John Cale (Channing Tatum) takes his annoying kid to the seat of American power when terrorists including Liam McPoyle take it over. Despite resembling a root vegetable injected with steroids and stuffed into a suit (a jacket potato, if you will), Tatum is great as the John McClane style everyman hero. The script is light and has some very funny lines. A solid action movie with a great cast it’s definitely worth a watch. It’s the best Die Hard film since Under Siege. I’ve confused myself again.


The World’s End (2013)


Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg are back for their first film together since the excellent Hot Fuzz. It has the genius idea of combining a pub crawl with the rise of the machines. Where the film falls down is in the number of jokes in the script. Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz mixed action with loads of brilliant gags something that The World’s End can’t match. The fantastic fight scenes, the spectacular effects and the subtle nods towards the death of the traditional British pub rescue the movie from mediocrity.


Have you been on a pub crawl? What vegetable do you think Channing Tatum resembles? Can anyone give me J-Law’s phone number? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Agreed on Winter’s Bone. I saw the day after watching the first Hunger Games flick. After seeing it, I knew why the Hunger Games nabbed her for Katniss. That’s who she plays in Winter’s Bone, basically. Just without the now and arrow.

    I like The World’s End more than you, though. And White House Down less than you. πŸ˜‰


  2. Mini kickers, love it! I’ve only seen The World’s End and I agree w/ your rating, it’s the weakest of the Cornetto Trilogy I think, but the cast is still fun to watch though.


  3. Nice! I’m digging the Minikickers! Haven’t seen the first two, but I actually quite liked The World’s End! Not better than Shaun of the Dead (haven’t seen Hot Fuzz so no comment there), but I thought it was fun. A little muddled at the end though. Good job, Mikey! πŸ™‚


  4. Can’t beat Hot Fuzz, Simon Pegg is a total badass in it XO Channing Tatum resembles a parsnip because of his tuft of hair and if you ever get Lawrence’s number, please share πŸ™‚ nice mini reviews, will check out Winter’s Bone.


  5. I’m afraid I don’t have J-Law’s number but if I get it I’d happily swap it for Channing Tatum’s number? Or James McAvoy. Or Michael Fassbender. Or anyone from X-Men I’m not that picky πŸ™‚


  6. “resembling a root vegetable injected with steroids and stuffed into a suit” – HAHAHA! True. And you & your Eskimo porn… Hmm… White House Down sounds better than I thought. I prefer The World’s End to Hot Fuzz, though. : )


  7. It was nearly imslispboe to choose, so I will just go with my first gut feeling. 9 & 16. I’m a fan on Facebook! I hope your clients/fans love your contest as much as mine do I’m sure they will because your work is AMAZING! Wonderful year!


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