It’s Shitfest time again where The IPC let’s the world make a case for the worst movies in existence. Check out my review of the shit over substance Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and prepare to have your mind blown. And do have a look at the other entries for 2014 while you’re there. May the shit be with you!

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Scott Pilgrim vs the World – Worse than Hitler?

In 1935 a woman named Leni Riefenstahl directed a film called ‘Triumph of the Will’. The movie is still considered a landmark achievement in film-making. The downside? It was a propaganda film for those epic asshats the Nazi Party.

So what does this morally disgusting yet well made piece of cinema have to do with Scott Pilgrim vs the World? I think the answer is in the question. Scott Pilgrim is technically an amazingly well made film that has a sickening plot and cast of characters.


It tells the story of Scott Pilgrim, a selfish asshole who plays in an annoying hipster band. He gets a nice girlfriend who he immediately drops for a chance with the girl of his dreams Ramona Flowers. Ramona says she’ll only date him if he defeats her seven evil exes. And that’s basically how the…

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