John Hughes Movie Art: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Twitter is great for a lot of things but what happens when you’re taking the piss out of a movie and the director shows up to confront you. That’s what happened to me and my blog buds. Read on!

Cinema Parrot Disco

20140308-073648 pm.jpg

By artist Daniel Norris. See all his work here: Behance

**I’m keeping it “all things John Hughes” during this blogathon but I just had to mention this funny little exchange on Twitter last night:

The IPC, Screenkicker, Kloipy Speaks, and I had 15 minutes of fame & got our Twitter thread posted on this website HERE for a film called I Am A Ghost. Basically, Mr IPC Eric was tweeting about the film while watching it & got told off by the film’s writer & director H.P. Mendoza for not paying full attention to the movie (@hpmendoza & @iamaghostfilm). Funny stuff! We all had a good laugh about it & I’m sure Eric will do a full review of the film soon. 🙂

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