Screenkicker Olympics – Important Update

Welcome friends, I’m back with a quick update on the first ever Screenkicker Olympics and I have a few pieces of news for you to cram in your eye-holes.

Firstly the entry deadline has been extended to around the end of March. This is due to threats from the Russian Mafia who threatened to send me to a gulag if this clashed with the ‘real’ Olympics in Sochi. So anyone who wants to take part please send me an email at

Next a note about the rules. Well in the words of Tina Turner in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome the rules are, there are no rules. Well that’s not strictly true but the rules are very loose. Your entry should be a piece about a movie and/or actor from where you live or where you’re from. That’s basically it. To help you along here’s an example from a young man who wrote to me today:

Gorbag – Uruk-hai lieutenant representing Mordor

“I sure hope Mikey doesn’t use an embarrassing pic of me!”

Hey Gorbag here and my entry to the SK Olympics is my home town in Mordor, Middle-Earth. I’ve chosen the movie series The Lord of the Rings as it’s set where I live and it’s loads of fun. There’s some kids with a ring, loads of battles, a wizard who doesn’t do any magic, and a creepy little dude who talks funny. All in all I really love these movies. If I had to find any faults they would be that it’s pretty unrealistic and also they shot it in New Zealand for some reason instead of here. Must have been kiwi tax breaks or something. Go watch it now and vote for Mordor for gold!

See? It’s pretty simple. And it doesn’t have to be a written piece, it can be a video, a song, a picture, or any other kind of art and just so you know I’ve already had entries in all of those mediums! Here’s sneak peak of one of them from world famous pervert The IPC:

What could it all mean?!

Understood? Be as creative as you like and send in your entry to see if you can win a Screenkicker Gold Medal for your town, state, or country.

So get in touch at or find me on twitter @metalmike25. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


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