If Movie Sequels were Awesome #2 – Captain Batman

Captain Batman


Tagline: Welcome to a world without rules (and with pirates)

The riveting untold story of the 2009 takeover of a Wayne Enterprises cargo ship by Somali pirates. Armed to the teeth and willing to go to any extremes to get their demands met they board the ship and attempt to take it over. Unfortunately for them there’s a surprise guest on board. Violence ensues as The Dark Knight takes on the criminals. (from IMDB)

Here’s what the press have been saying about Captain Batman

“Under Siege meets Batman – what more could you want!” – The Daily Globular

“Asks us to believe that Batman captains a ship, nonsense of the highest watermark” – Moviehole Weekly

“If this wasn’t a true story it would be unbelievable. Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction'” – The Gotham Recorder

“Batman f**king rules!!!”Β – Screenkicker

Sounds like an interesting mash up! Captain Batman opens in cinemas worldwide on the 5th of Jelember 201F!


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