In Bruges (2008)

One of my favourite movies from the last 20 years is In Bruges which i’m always recommending to increaslingly bored people. But sometimes someone cool will listen to me. And one of those folks is the excellent Kim who created the brilliant Tranquil Dreams blog. It’s the place to be for movies, baking, and gorgeous photos. Go there and think of it as a pleasant holiday from the horror and depravity of Screenkicker. In other words she’s written a fantastic review of In Bruges. Enjoy!

Tranquil Dreams

Earlier this month when I announced the beginning of this recommendations month, Mikey at Screenkicker suggested to see In Bruges.  Shortly after, Juck/Ddog at Gamerscene  second him. With two fellow bloggers dropping the same recommendation, it seemed inevitable that I had to check this out some time.  Luckily for me, Netflix added this movie a few days ago (YAY!). Here we are with my take on In Bruges.

Now, lets give some spotlight to the awesome Mikey at Screenkicker who always makes me laugh when he leaves me a comment and who will be hosting his Olympics blogathon soon (which I participated in). You should definitely head over, follow him and prepare to check that out while checking out his other reviews as well.

Juck/Ddog at Gamerscene is an extremely versatile blogger who reviews music, movies, video games.  Aside from that, he has some pretty fun segments that he does…

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