The Screenkicker Olympics – Opening Ceremony


It has begun! Who would have thought we’d get here – the opening ceremony of the first ever Screenkicker Olympics. Well I for one never believed it would get this far hence why I’ve done f**k all to prepare. But don’t let that undermine the majesty of the event.  This opening ceremony will hopefully give you an idea of what’s coming your way over the next month or so.

Firstly there will be a massive head to head tournament involving actors and directors from all over the world (even Canada). You get to vote for them either by being objective or overly nationalistic, it’s all up to you.


Next I’ll be introducing some absolutely fantastic guest posts from the amazing community that I’ll keep calling the Little Kickers until it sticks. Look out for videos, songs, drawings, and even geography lessons about the places you guys call home.

Also I’ll be attempting to convince the world that Northern Ireland is the centre of the movie world while battling with the others making the case for their city or country. Special medals will be awarded to the winners.


So there’s all of that to look forward to and more. Remember there’s still time to take part. If you’d like to read the rules you can find them here. Don’t let your home be underrepresented and lag in the medal tables.

That’s enough waffle from me, I’m now handing Screenkicker over to the world. Give it your best, world! (even Canada).


  1. Darn it I missed the original announcement of this Olympics thing. Hmmm, I’ll see if I can find anything to blog about Indonesian movies but it’ll be tough since I barely watch any of them, ahah. Can it be Minnesota related, yes I know US is too big but what about focusing on a specific state?


  2. Can I still get in on this and do one for South Africa? I missed the announcement though so I don’t really know what’s going on. Look how useful this comment is. Lol!


  3. Soooo I also missed the announcement, but if I write something about my countries (also, if I’m from two, how do I choose???), can I still join in like all the other cool kids in this post?? I have deep love for you and Screenkicker, if that helps… 😀


    • Of course you can Elina! And I know you love me, you never have to say it! 🙂

      You can write about both your countries if you like. And it can be about anything. I’m interested in seeing your stuff 🙂


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