Screenkicker Ultimate Actor – Africa Qualifiers


The next stop on our world tour of acting takes us to the continent of Africa. A huge landmass with a massive diversity of cultures and a movie industry that i’m not very familiar with. So if i’ve missed out someone really obvious let me know in the comments. All of the actors below were born in Africa (except one!) and I’ve tried to create a spread over the different countries. I’ll shut up now and let you all vote. Bonus quiz – all of the actors below were born in an African country except one who was born in Mexico – which one?






Things are hotting up in the tournament. Could it he your part of the world next time? Come back to find out. And if you still want to vote in the USA qualifiers you can here!


  1. mikey, hope you got my email this morning. I will send you part 2 on Sunday. I will NOT post any other reviews before I send you the post.

    Appreciate your patience!


  2. Fascinating man, I’m ignorant (and white) too and don’t know anyone outside of Lupita, Charlize, Barkhad and Sharlto haha.


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