Screenkicker Ultimate Actor – Australia/New Zealand


G’day mates, it’s now time for the qualifiers from Australia and New Zealand to battle it out for the Ultimate Actor award. Australia, famous for deadly spiders, and New Zealand, famous for Shelob the deadly spider, boast an absolute shitload of famous actors and actresses some of whom you may not know were from down under. Bonus point if you can name the person below who was actually born in the Middle-East. Voting starts now.


Honourable mentions: Crocodile Dundee (AUS), The Balrog (NZ), Jim Robinson (AUS), The Summatrin Rat-Monkey (NZ)

You can still vote in the USA and Africa qualifiers so do it!


  1. Throw a shrimp on tha barbie, eh mate?!!! Killer stuff dude. I keep forgetting Russell Crowe isn’t British haha


  2. Please note that us Aussies generally count Russell Crowe as one of our own. It kind of happens with musos and actors that we claim them once they reach a certain level of awesomeness. Plus they always end up moving over here anyway,

    NZ can keep Lucy Lawless though…


      • Well… this one time at the bookshop, we sold DVDs as well. I was working on the register and Geoffrey Rush came up to buy something! He was buying a DVD – I said hello and was a bit star-struck and he probably thought I was an idiot. Then I noticed he was buying a DVD of the film Shine. The following conversation followed:

        Me: Wait… don’t they give this to you for free?
        Geoffrey Rush: No. I actually forgot to tape it off the television.
        Me: LOLOLOLOL



  3. Okay. If anyone not named Cate Blanchett wins the Australia section . . . well our community is crazy. 🙂

    And I had no idea Eric Bana and Toni Collette were Australia. Huh.


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