Screenkicker Ultimate Actor – Europe

image Europe is a funny old continent. Almost every country has it’s own language, culture, cuisine or war crimes record (I’m looking at you Luxembourg). These reasons are why I love Europe so much. A relatively short train journey can take you to a vastly different country meaning it never gets boring. Another thing Europe is famous for is it’s films. We practically invented films from the early Georges Melies, and later, Fritz Lang. This means there are an abundance of sexy European actors so take your time and vote for your favourite below. Snell! Snell!

Honourable mentions: Borat (Kazakhstan), Pepe Le Pew (France), The Leprechaun (Ireland), Monica Bellucci’s boobs (Italy) image That’s it for this European edition of the Ultimate Actor so get your votes in you uncultured yobs. If you’ve ever seen the Eurovision Song Contest you know how political these things can get. Where’s Terry Wogan when you need him? You can still vote in the USA, Africa, and Australia/New Zealand polls. Don’t let your favourite lose.


  1. France and Denmark truly take the cake in this little belligerent part of the world. I had no idea Eva Green was from France, but good for France, because she’s aawesome!


  2. Thank the world you did not pair Mikkelsen and Waltz. My life would have been doomed.

    This is such a fun Olympics you are hosting Mikey!

    Sorry, playing catch up reading here!


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