Screenkicker Ultimate Actor – Asia


Today we turn our attention East to the lands that were the basis of civilisation (no it’s not Oklahoma, Eric). I want to find out who you guys think is the ultimate Asian actor. I’ve tried to choose a number of famous actors from a sample of countries in Asia. I’ve included the Middle-East, Arabic countries, and East Asia. This is the continent that’s given us the upbeat dancing of Bollywood, the martial arts movies of China, and the weird shit that comes from Korea and Japan (which I love). All of the actors below were born in Asia and I’ve listed them with their country of birth. Get voting little kickers!

Honourable mentions: Godzilla (Japan), Jesus (Palestine), Gizmo the Mogwai (China), That offensive Indian caricature from the Short Circuit movies (not India)


That’s your lot folks. Get voting for your favourites and check back soon for the next continent in our whistle-stop tour of the world. And if you’d still like to take part in the Screenkicker Olympics then get in touch at or on twitter @metalmike25



  1. I feel guilty I didn’t vote for Donnie Yen tho my heritage is part Chinese but I love Keanu too much 😀 Oh and of course Iko Uwais got my vote 😀


  2. Feck! I didn’t know Gal Gadot is really Israeli. . . meheh.

    Fun shit again. I didn’t know anyone so I clicked on a bunch of random names to mix things up.


  3. Good poll Mikey! I vote for Iko Uwais because I’m an Indonesian and vote for Aishwarya Rai because I’m also an Indian. Don’t you just love being multicultural 🙂


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