Screenkicker Ultimate Actor – South America


It’s getting closer and closer to the head to heads but we still have a couple more continents to go. Today we welcome South America, that sexy, drug producing, amazonian, rainforesty, landmass just below the USA. And unsurprisingly this is the sexiest bunch of actors we’ve had so far (UK still to come). So get voting for your favourite Latin Lothario’s or spicy senoritas. And you can still vote in the other continents – USA, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand. Buenos dias amigos!

The greatest ever South American!

I really hope you’re enjoying the blogathon so far as it’s you dudes that make it what it is. And if you’d like to submit an entry about your hometown or country there’s still time. Shoot me an email here Come back tomorrow for a brilliant first entry for that moose-infested, Justin Bieber-birthing, arctic tundra that is Canada. It’s going to be a good one.


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