Screenkicker Ultimate Actor – Canada


It’s that time again. Time for a new World War amongst the all of the countries of the world. Except no one has to die and Republic of Ireland isn’t neutral in this one. Today we have the great country of Canada and while researching it I realised the following things:

1. Canada has a shitload of famous film and TV actors and actresses

2. Almost every Canadian actor has at some point been in ‘Degrassi’, a show I’ve never heard of

3. Canadian actors are all ridiculously beautiful (Seth Rogan not included)

Here’s a selection of the most popular from that massive country

Honourable mentions: Wolverine, Justin Bieber (sorry, but I need the hits), bears, and Chong from Cheech and Chong.

Canada: come for the scenery, stay for the hard drugs

There you have it, vote for your favourite canuck and then settle down with a nice glass of maple syrup and some crack rocks. Come back tomorrow for a stunning entry from South African sweetie Zoë. Shit just got real!


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