SK Olympics – If Movie Sequels were Awesome – Edinburgh, Scotland Edition


Tagline: Now you have my permission to…..laugh!

After the events of The Dark Knight Rises, Bane, who we thought was dead, escapes Gotham and travels to Edinburgh, Scotland.  Here he get’s hooked on a new drug called ‘venom’ and gets dragged into the deadly world of Scottish drug gangs and tacky tartan tourist shops.  Bane must learn to be a master of disguise to try and outwit the Scottish Mafia in this knockabout comedy with Tom Hardy playing multiple roles as each of Bane’s hilarious character portrayals.

“Hardy is at his best as the bumbling League of Shadows member. Slapstick at it’s finest” – The Morning Dump

“The Nutty Professor meets Scarface” – Movieturd

“The best Scottish comedy since The Russ Abbott Show” – The Readers Digestive

“It’s pure shite, ye ken what I mean fanny baws” – The Scotsman

Sounds great and totally not a blatantly stupid creation I made when I was bored that seemed funny at the time but now just seems dumb. Totally not that.


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