Screenkicker Ultimate Actor – United Kingdom


Here we are, finally on the last part of the group stage. Today it’s time to vote for the Ultimate British actor and I’ve come up with a group of extremely high quality. The United Kingdom is well known for it’s grand acting tradition from Shakespearian plays to the more modern stage performances of the likes of Laurence Olivier. On the other hand it’s known for the insult to drama that is EastEnders which consists of men whispering and women screaming at each other every single week night. I’m going to stop now before I make myself more angry so go ahead and vote for your favourite Brit.


Honourable mentions: Benny Hill (comedian), Ashley Young (footballer), Tony Blair (politician)


So there we have it, all of the group stages have been submitted. “How does the next stage work?” I hear you ask. Well I haven’t actually figured that out yet so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Other than that I still have some excellent guest posts to present for your viewing pleasure. Will it be your country represented next? Will I figure out an innovative structure for the Ultimate Actor comp? Does anyone still care? Find out in the next thrilling installment of the Screenkicker Olympics!


  1. I said it about Cate Blanchett . . . I’ll say it here, too . . .

    If we pick anyone not named Daniel Day Lewis, we’re doing something wrong (no matter the greatness of the other names on this list). 🙂


  2. I’m going to use a very British word and say ‘blimey’ here. Because this was a damn tough list. Why would you ever do this again to us?



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