Screenkicker Ultimate Actor – Results Part 1


Remember when you voted for the best actors from each part of the world in a massive competition to find out who is the greatest? Good. Thanks to your votes the losers have been weeded out and the cream has risen to the top. So what trends do we see? One that I noticed is that Columbian women with huge racks are extremely popular. Here’s a run down of the winners from each continent:

United States of America winners:

One for the guys

Leonardo Di Caprio beats off Matthew McConaughey
Jennifer Lawrence wrestles Scarlett Johansson into second place (that sentence is the most exciting thing I’ve ever written)
Brad Pitt pips Johnny Depp to first place
Emma Stone seems to be the most popular women in the world with 65% of her group vote
Robert DeNiro crushes the competition to head through
Meryl Streep cruises through easily

Australia and New Zealand winners:

One for the girls

A tie for first place in their group puts Chris Hemsworth and Eric Bana through to the finals
The lovely Rose Byrne destroys a trio of young Aussies to claim her group
Hugh Jackman slashes his way through leaving only one question – who are the two people who voted for Liam Hemsworth?!
Screenkicker favourite Mia Wasikowska scrapes though to the finals with 36% of the vote
Hard man Russell Crowe easily smashes through the competition
Finally Cate Blanchett knock out Xena: Warrior Princess with ease

Africa winners:

One for the bridge players

Omar Sharif, actor and bridge videogame spokesman makes the cut
African hottie Charlize Theron gets 83% of her group’s vote
Djimon Hounsou, autocorrect’s arch enemy also reaches the next stage
12 Years a Slave actress Lupita Nyong’o smashes through with a vote of 86%

Europe winners:

One for Hannibal fans

Arnie shows he’s still got it by tieing with Vincent Cassell for the top spot
The hottest group of the competition sees Eva Green dominating Bellucci, Kuryolenko, and Van Houten. Feel free to draw a picture of that
Christophe Waltz squeezes out, fellow sort of German, Michael Fassbender
Marion Cotillard brings some class to the proceedings
Hannibal and Casino Royale star Mads Mikklesen munches through his rivals to claim top spot
Melanie Laurent smacks down fellow French lady Julie Delpy to go through

Asia winners:

One for Kung Fun fans

Keanu Reeves somehow beats Donnie Yen to first place
Natalie Portman expands into the occupied territory of Ziyi Zhang in a sentence that makes no sense
Ken Watanabe samurais the shit out of the legend that is Jackie Chan
Michelle Yeoh represents Malaysia and cruises through to the finals
Jet Li shows young whippersnapper Iko Uwais (The Raid) how its dome with a massive 65% of the vote
And future Wonder Woman Gal Gadot lassos the competition in her group

South America winners

Two for everyone!

Benicio Del Toro charges through to the finals
Aforementioned battle of the Columbian boobs bounces Salma Hayek over Sofia Vergara to reach the next stage
Pretty boy Gael Garcia Bernal eases through obviously
Star of The Artist (which I haven’t seen) Berenice Bejo from Argentina stays in the comp

Canada winners:

One for mumbling bastards

Ryan Gosling drives the voters wild with 55%
Little Ellen Page beats Mean Girl Rachel McAdams to get through
Donald Sutherland shows that OAPs can still bring their game
Finally filmmaker and actress Sarah Polley conquers her Canadian buddies to grab top spot

United Kingdom winners:

One for fans of racially insensitive Bond disguises

Acting master Daniel Day Lewis butchers the competition to head through
Dame Judi Dench shows the young pretenders how it’s done with 52% of the vote
In a particularly tough group Sean Connery steals first place from big Liam Neeson
Lovely little Carey Mulligan scrapes through to represent England in the finals
Best Batman ever Christian Bale beats enemy Bane (Tom Hardy) to proceed
And last but not least Kate Winslet outclasses some of her contemparies for first place

There you have it, these are the finalists. One more group stage to go and the chance for that gold medal will be even closer. Come back tomorrow if you want to keep your favourite in the competition!


  1. Bit dicey putting Natalie Portman in the Asian group, eh? I suppose she was born in Jerusalem, but her career has been 100% based in the United States. Then again, you can say that for a lot of the actors on this list who’ve “hit it big.” Nonetheless, very interesting to see who’s won!


  2. I still think Rachel McAdams is Canada’s awesomesauce! 😉 Ellen Page will do, too! And yes, Ryan Gosling has no problem attaining the Canuck title!

    Great polls!


  3. C’MON! Keanu Reeves over Donnie Yen! My mind is still wrapping around that.
    I’m okay with everything else, especially Ellen Page, Ryan Gosling, Chris Hemsworth..all beautiful choices 🙂 Oh, and yes, I love Michelle Yeoh 🙂 Thank you to Natalie Portman, Ziyi Zhang needs to be kicked out anyways.


  4. Mads Mikklesen and Chris Hemsworth AND Ryan Gosling in one post. NICE…. I seriously laughed at that boob pic. Don’t mess with the Mexicans! or else… those boobs may pop out. hahahaha


  5. My other half has decided I have officially lost my mind haha, sitting here cheering and jeering in the lounge.

    DICAPRIO BEATS MCCONAUGHEY!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean I do enjoy the latter immensely but we all know how I feel about DiCaprio! YAY!!

    Charlize Theron? I bite my thumb at that! Connery over Neeson? That makes me sick. Meh. Seriously, who voted Liam Hemsworth?

    Mikey, this is seriously ridiculous amounts of fun!


    • Zoe, you lost your mind a while ago when you got involved with us!

      I like DiCaprio but I think McConahey deserved it this time.

      I love Charlize. I want us to take our tops off and cuddle. And yeah Neeson should win the whole thing. He was Northern Ireland’s greatest hope 😦

      I’m still figuring out how to do the next round. Don’t have much time left. Any ideas?! 🙂


      • … I don’t know why I keep forgetting this!

        … I really don’t think he did. Dammit, he got the Oscar, give him that and let it be done.

        No flip you can take her then sheesh, goodness knows we don’t really want her out here. 😦 😦 Neeson… is going to find someone and kill someone…

        Are you going to be giving each category a winner (like each continent/country like you put together) or mass grouping (waaaaay too many contenders left still, unless just a first, second, third thing)?


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