Screenkicker Ultimate Actor – Round 2: The Whittling!

Holy shit guys, it’s all getting extremely exciting/tedious (delete as applicable). What could happen next? I’m not sure if my heart could take it! Well, prepare to have your heart exploded because there’s a twist in the tale. Due to a couple of ties in the poll we’re looking at an odd number of men in this round meaning there needs to be a wildcard entry. It’s a surprise WWE style last minute twist but who could the late entrant be?


Nope Ruth, it isn’t a surprise appearance by Timothy Dalton
No Zoe, it’s not an incredibly improbable entry by Hayden Christensen
And no Brian, I wish it was but Shakma isn’t the wildcard. Life just isn’t that good.

I can now announce that the extra actor, judged as the loser that got the most votes is…….

This guy!!!!


So now that old MM is back it’s time to whittle down the guys to a more manageable number so we can all finish this crap and go home. I’ve done the calculations and this whole competition will take longer than I thought so it won’t be finished until next month. But forget that and just head on down and vote for your favourites.

Come back tomorrow for round 2 of the women’s competition.


  1. It’s funny, if you said DiCaprio was going to be considered one of the world’s great actors around the time of Titanic, I don’t think many would have believed it. Can’t argue with much of the work he’s done since though!


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