The Screenkicker Olympics – Closing ceremony


Its all over guys! The first ever Screenkicker Olympics has come to an end. I have trouble remembering what life was like before the SK Olympics but I expect it was shit. Now, as I pick up the shattered pieces of the only thing that was getting me out of bed in the morning, its time for a summary of all excellent contributors to the event.

Anna from Film Grimoire kicked things of beautifully with a look at her home city of Melbourne, Australia viewed through the lens of the post apocalyptic classic On the Beach. From this we learned that Anna still has nightmares about when Helen Daniels died in Neighbours. If we all chip in we can get her the help she needs.


Highly trained killer and movie review machine gun Movie Rob snapped the necks of two movies – Mr Mom (Detroit, USA) and Cast a Giant Shadow (Israel). Turns out Rob is from near 8 Mile and also that he now lives in Israel. Don’t piss him off is what I’m saying.

Advice this guy didn’t take

Chris of Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop entertained us with an in depth biography of Bond actor Daniel Craig from Chris’s hometown Chester, UK. Among the stone cold facts we learn that every dog Craig has ever known has been named ‘Chester’. Also Daniel predicted the career of footballing genius and potato lookalike Wayne Rooney.


Screenkicker’s own video expert Chris Bridges entered, guess what, yes a video. It boils down his home country of Scotland to a wonderful one minute ten seconds. We see some Braveheart, some Trainspotting, The Scheme, and an extremely creepy Sean Connery laying out his view of women. Freedom!!!!

Chris is the one in the middle

Next the great Kim from Tranquil Dreams made us all think with her review of French-Canadian crime thriller Omertà which is set in her home of Montreal, Canada. She revealed that Celine Dion’s husband is in it, and introduced us to some great actors from Quebec. S’il vous plait Kim!

You poor poor man

Zoë from The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger entertained with a review of South African film The Bang Bang Club. No it’s not a movie about the noises you hear coming from Oscar Pistorius’s house but a fascinating study of the guys and girls who photographed the violence at the end of apartheid.

It was nice of Zoë to let them film near her house

The amazing Critical Cinephile’s entry was a fascinating insight into the real life equivalent of the movie Twister. In it she confirms and debunks certain tornado myths from first hand experience of living in Oklahoma. Like the time that a horse was picked up by a twister and landed in a tree. Read her article to find out if he survived his wild ride!


After that Table 9 Mutant from Cinema Parrot Disco looked at Zach Snyder’s remake of Dawn of the Dead which is set in her home state Wisconsin, USA. She loved it and also revealed that she loves saying ‘SHALBOUB!!!’ and making pop culture references that are 15 years out of date (Max Headroom? The Grateful Dead? Stereophonics?!). An excellent review from everyone’s favourite dairy queen.


In an exclusive Screenkicker scoop, SK podcast veteran Denis Mallon gave us early access to the script for Taken 3 which is due to be set in Neeson’s hometown of Ballymena, Northern Ireland. With artwork from Lisa Mallon we discover that Neeson has been pursued home by criminals led by a mysterious figure with all the answers. Can’t wait to see it!


Wisconsin raised its ugly head for the second time when Josh of JJames Reviews wrote a great piece about The Last Kiss starring pretend doctor Zach Braff. Josh specifically talks about the town Madison which he obviously loves. We’re expected to believe that two beautiful women would fight over Braff. I’m not buying it Hollywood!


Last and possibly least we had a slice of complete smut when the IPC hit us with his song about Oklahoman Megan Mullally’s magnificent milkers. The song tells a tale of obsession, lust, violence, voyeurism, and tits. Its a future classic in the genre of creepy, sexually aggressive, folk music. I’m sure there’s already a Grammy for that.


There were also my modest entries which consisted of a list of the top five actors from Northern Ireland, a poster for new Scottish film Banespotting, and a review of North Korean classic Pulgasari.

That’s your lot. If you’ve missed any of these then fix it by reading them now. If you’re wondering what’s happening with the Screenkicker Ultimate Actor contest I’ve decide to separate it as it’s taking a lot longer than I first planned for! Expect an update soon.

To honour all of the entrants to this festival of movie related tourism all of the you will be receiving the gold medal below to proudly present on their site. Thank you all again for making my first blogathon an absolute joy, you’re on my list of people I love. Those who didn’t enter I will hunt down and kill without mercy. Unless they’d like to take part next year in which case you get a temporary pardon.


Look out for the 2015 Screenkicker Olympics coming *drumroll*………..2015!


  1. Good job buddy! I read the vast majority of them (Will fix it to all) and from what I can remember…I got the biggest kick out of the Taken 3 script and the beautiful song by IPC. So heartwarming!


  2. Thanks Mikey-Mike for letting me join in the festivities; this was so much fun!

    On a side note, I don’t have to share my medal with Eric since we both did Oklahoma, do I? Something tells me I don’t want to handle anything after it’s been is his sticky hands. *Shudders*


  3. Thanks, Mike! This really was a fun blogathon. : ) And references only 15 years out of date aren’t too bad for me – it looks like I’m finally getting with the times! YES! I’m down with the kids! Or whatever those little assholes say these days.


  4. this was an excellent blogathon Mikey, sorry I missed it. I’ll get me shit together for what I presume will be a winter edition?????? 😉

    haha nah, no pressure. . . . . . but seriously. get on it.


  5. I always knew MovieRob was a badass but I never realised he was that much of a badass! Poor Helen… one day I’ll get past my grief…

    Thank you for hosting such an excellent Olympics! I’d be lying if I said a single tear didn’t escape my eye during this closing ceremony.


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