Looking for a good music blog? Then look no further!

Under the Radar  Indian Handcrafts Interview   Eclectic Electric

I’ve been blogging for over a year now and I think i’m getting the hang of it. I write about movies, but what about music?  Where do I go to learn about the cool shit you younglings are listening to?  How do you avoid the elderly who only love Iron Maiden? Lucky for me, my wee brother Will knows his shit.  Yes that’s right – the Boyd Blogging Dynasty™ is spreading its black leathery wings and infiltrating every part of the net.

In other words, my little bro has joined wordpress with cool music blog called Eclectic Electric.  His first post is an excellent interview with uber-cool Ontario, Canada band Indian Handcrafts.  Will is the go to guy for pretentious hipster indie-rock, 1970s German bands, and anything involving Captain Beefheart.  So basically anything you could ever need.

I want all of my readers to follow his blog right now and leave a comment mocking him for liking the later Oasis albums.  If you don’t then our friendships are over.  Except R.O.T.O.R, nothing could tear us apart.  Mostly because he scares me. Here’s the epic single ‘Bruce Lee’ by Indian Handcrafts, plus the kung-fu video is amazing:

Support the Boyd Blogging Dynasty™ today!



  1. Honestly…my love for music has gone down the drain. I do not know if it was because of my friends disgusting me with their love of raves/EDM/MDMA/cocaine….because trust me if you are not into this music/lifestyle and live in Woodbridge, Canada…it is frustrating as heck. Yeah…who knows…just haven’t been on touch with finding good music lately….

    …but point is…I gave your brother a follow…because…support!


    • You sir are a gentleman. I’ve totally lost touch with what music is cool now, I’ve haven’t updated my ipod in about 3 years! But I sometimes ask the wee bro for suggestions.

      Also he’s into his WWE so you might have a kindred spirit!


  2. “How do you avoid the elderly who only love Iron Maiden?” – hahaha! You bastard!!! You probably thought you got away with that one! ; )

    Is your brother cute? And more likeable than you? I love following music sites too – will check it out! : )


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