Screenkicker Podcast #5 – The Monster Movie Spectacular!


The world might seem like a dark place these days what with all of the global conflicts and the rising price of hardcore pornography (thanks for the data Brian). But as a great two-faced man once said ‘The night is always darkest before the dawn’. And the darkness that is this poorly thoughout intro is leading to the dawn of the new Screenkicker Podcast!  Its the Monster Movie Spectacular and you can look forward to cramming the following highlights into your ears:

– In the wake of Godzilla we discuss our favourite monster movies.  Find out which one of the trio likes the truly abysmal Reign of Fire (hint: its not me)

– We talk about what makes a monster movie.  Are aliens monsters?  What about dinosaurs?  Answers to all this and more!

– The guys reveal Bryan Cranston’s secret monster shame

– Chris makes the case for the 1998 Godzilla movie being the catalyst for the found-footage craze (as usually, he’s talking shit)

– Plus we answer Eric’s question of whether The Hulk would destroy a toilet if he took a shit in it

And loads more!

To prepare you here’s some required viewing to watch alongside the audio-sexual pyrotechnics that make up the Screenkicker Podcast:

As always, any questions you would like the guys to answer next time, let me know in the comments below or contact me at  Until next time, have a monstrous month Little Kickers!


  1. Love a good monster podcast! YES to The Host. Watched that for the first time last year and was so surprised by how good it is! As for other monster movies, what about The Descent? That is one of my all-time favorites. An American Werewolf in London, too. Oh, and even though it’s not perfect, I have a weird soft spot for Jeepers Creepers…Is that just me? Lol. Well done, you lot!


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