If movie sequels were awesome #4 – Podzilla


Tagline: Valar Morghulis Motherfuckers!!!

Synopsis: Podzilla tells the epic tale of mild-mannered King’s Hand squire Podrick Payne.  In a shocking accident young naive Pod is caught in the blast of that green fire crap that they used in that one episode and mutates into a loyal, obedient, giant monster.  Watch as Podzilla tries to cause as little fuss as possible as he stomps around Westeros avoiding trouble and apologising to the citizens he accidentally crushes.

“Obviously a one joke concept with no discernible value” – The Daily Taint

“A sign that the writer has run out of ideas” – The Kings Landing Gazette

“Needs more shagging” – George R.R. Martin

“Action packed from the start unlike its predecessor 10/10!” – Screenkicker

Have you seen Podzilla?  Of course you haven’t, its an awful idea with even worse artwork.  What awesome sequel would you like to see?  Let me know below!


  1. YES! I would totally see this movie.
    I also like the idea of a movie about an orphanage full of those little demon babies that the red-haired witchy woman shit out to kill Renley.


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