Edinburgh Film Festival 2014 – Preview


Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014

This summer will be my second year covering the Edinburgh International Film Festival for all of you cool dudes.  Other publications might spend hours and hours writing in minutiae about the portrayal of women in modern
Iranian cinema, but Screenkicker will be there sifting through the crap to bring you the best from the fest. Today i’m bringing you a preview of what looks good.  This may change due to various reasons but mainly whether the screenings are on early in the morning or not.  You can look forward to the following:


The onion cutting scene took fifteen takes
The onion cutting scene took fifteen takes

An American indie drama starring Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, Hellion shows the dark side of parenting.  Paul plays a young father with a little shit for a son.  Will he be able to achieve normality or will the family fall apart?  I’ll let you know!


Still Life

That’s one of those pens that does all of the colours!!!

A gross out comedy about…what? Its actually the sory of a man who tracks down the relatives of people who die alone?  That’s pretty dark.  Eddie Marsan stars in the new film from Full Monty producer Umberto Pasolini.  Expect life affirming drama and great performances


The Green Inferno

Johnny Depp is looking rough these days
Johnny Depp is looking rough these days

Its the UK premiere of Eli Roth’s homage to Cannibal Holocaust.  A group of well meaning students travel to the jungle to help stop the destruction of a remote tribe’s culture.  All goes well until stomachs start rumbling.  I’m a wimp when it comes to this kind of horror so this could end up being an endurance test for me.


Cold in July

Don't shoot the poster!  It's not that bad!
Don’t shoot the poster! It’s not that bad!

This is the new film from Jim Mickle who has impressed me immensely with Stake Land and We Are What We Are.  Michael C. Hall plays a normal man who through a series of unfortunate events forms a vigilante group with Don Johnson and Sam Shephard.  Yes,you’re right, that does sound amazing.


Life After Beth

Be honest, you still would
Be honest, you still would

A low-budget flick about a young man grieving the death of his girlfriend.  Sounds like every other pretentious, minimalist film fest movie doesn’t it?  Well the twist is she comes back as a zombie.  Life After Beth is an out and out comedy starring Dane DeHaan and Aubrey Plaza.  Could be a future cult classic.


To Kill a Man (Matar a un hombre)

He's actually won Chile's hunkiest man three years in a row
He’s actually won Chile’s hunkiest man three years in a row

Another film about a vigilante To Kill a Man is a Chilean drama from Alejandro Fernández Almendras about another simple man driven to extremes to defend himself.  Charles Bronson would be proud of these guys if he wasn’t too busy getting violent revenge on criminal scum.

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014

That’s just a few of the highlights.  Other movies premiering include Joe with Nicolas Cage, The Anomaly from Noel Clarke, and loads more.  You can check out the line up here.  Stick with Screenkicker this month for all of the gossip, the bitterness, and the descent into madness that will be my coverage of the 2014 Edinburgh International Film Festival.  OK guys, i’m here now, you can start the fest.

If you missed the award winning (I bought myself a beer for getting through The Bling Ring) coverage last year you can read it all here!  If you want to, I’m not forcing you.  Do it.


  1. For some reason your like button not popping up. But I like it! I want to see all of these movies this sounds so much fun. Hellion sounds awesome and I absolutely love Eddie Marsan, he’s the shit. Is that last pic Movie Rob?!


  2. Ooh, I really like the idea of Life After Beth. Especially the pairing of those two together. Like u say, if handled right that could become a cult classic. Have fun man, wish I could be seeing these so soon!


  3. Great coverage of Edinburgh International Film Festival Mikey! Glad you’re supporting local film arts & culture. Cold in July seems to intrigue me the most from here, might give that a rent.


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