Screenkicker Meets… America Fererra and Ryan Piers Williams at EIFF

It’s been a busy Edinburgh Film Fest this year so I haven’t been posting much lately. That’s all about to change soon when I unleash the full might of our festival coverage. Look out for interviews aplenty with new talent and old masters. To whet your appetites here’s a snippet of my interview with How To Train Your Dragon star America Fererra and her creepily handsome husband Director Ryan Piers Williams. look out for the full interview soon when i learn how to transcribe audio to text.



Stick with Screenkicker for more stupid questions aimed at celebrities!


  1. I’d comment but you’re obviously too busy with the rich & the famous to bother with little ol’ people like me anymore. ; )

    This is great – I look forward to all your interviews! Even though you didn’t ask Eli Roth about making a romantic comedy. :-p


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