Genre Grandeur – Dark Angel (1990)

Alien films used to be the comic book movies of their day. Instead of superheroes being smart-asses and craving shwarma we had cool sci-fi classics that made you think and blew your tiny mind. Dark Angel isn’t one of these but it’s still a memorable action film. Read what I thought about it on trained killer MovieRob’s site as part of his Genre Grandeur series. Enjoy!


For the next review for this month’s Genre Grandeur – Aliens, here is Mikey from Screenkicker.  If you don’t already follow him (or his site for that matter)  (#MikeyStalker) then you should start doing so right away (without him noticing).

If anyone is still working on a review for this months genre, let me know ASAP, so I can make sure to keep a spot open for you.  Just shoot me an email to

Here’s Mikey with his review of Dark Angel (1990)



Dark Angel (1990)

Hey you know what would be fun? If I reviewed a film purely based on the memories I have of watching it when I was 10 in 1992. No? Well i’m doing it anyway, you’ll thank me for helping you uncover a real gem of an alien movie. The film is called Dark Angel (not to be confused with that Jessica…

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