Screenkicker at MCM Glasgow Comic Con 2014

Me showing Chris my sweet hoverboard skills

In case you’re wondering, no I haven’t finished my Guardians Of The Galaxy review. This is partly due to yesterday’s trip to MCM Comic Con in Glasgow! The gang rolled out early on Saturday morning on a mission to capture the essence of Scotland’s biggest comics convention. Beer was drank, I struggled to recognise costumes from obscure Japanese cartoons, and my compadres Denis and Chris tried to give me the slip three times.


We also had a chance to see Luke Evans present an exclusive first look of his new movie Dracula Untold. Unfortunately I really needed the toilet so had to take care of that so I missed the footage. Don’t worry though I’ll have a review of the finished product for all you vampire fans.

Hannah Spearitt can't even look at me. I'm a monster!!! 😦

Regardless of this blatant display of disrespect the day was a success. We met Game of Thrones star James Cosmo, the lovely Hannah Spearitt of Primeval and S Club 7 fame (look out for interviews coming soon), and many more strange and wonderful people. A full video is in the works so to tide you over and to bully you into subscribing to the Screenkicker Live YouTube channel here’s a promo video to get you in the mood!

Look out for more footage coming soon!


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