Screenkicker Meets….. Hannah Spearritt

Time for a quick quiz. Which of these statements best describes you:

a) I’m a fan of early 2000’s British pop groups
b) I enjoy TV shows about dinosaurs and stuff rampaging through modern day Britain
c) I want to see what Mike looks like talking to a girl after five beers

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these options then you’re in luck! During the Screenkicker trip to MCM Glasgow Comic Con 2014 I had the pleasure of chatting to S-Club veteran and star of Primeval Hannah Spearritt. Watch the video below for me performing frantic hand gestures and asking awful questions. Watch for the moment when the realisation that I’m an idiot dawns on the lovely Hannah’s face.

Who was your favourite S-Clubber? What’s your technique for chatting with hot popstars? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. c) I want to see what Mike looks like talking to a girl after five* beers
    *Screenkicker wishes to issue a correction – it was closer to 12 beers.


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