Scottish Independence – The Geeks Speak Out!


In just over a week the people of Scotland will be going to the polls to vote on whether to remain part of the United Kingdom or become a separate country. If you’ve been watching the news recently you’re probably sick of hearing from both sides of the argument. One group that hasn’t had its voice heard is that subculture known as geeks. So in honour of our fellow nerds we asked the cosplayers including Captain America, The Flash, and that creepy puppet from Saw at MCM Glasgow Comic Con whether they would answer yes or no to the big question. Here’s what they had to say:

Do you care about the big referendum. Will you be voting? Who should get custody of Rod Stewart in the event of a ‘no’ vote? Let me know below!


  1. Need I even say anything here? I’m a YES man all the way. This is about democracy. Something that Scotland believe themselves to have but actually don’t. We are a small country and our votes are always outnumbered by those down south. Scotland effectively isn’t a democratic country but with a YES vote, it can be!


  2. I can understand some folk being unsure but I’ve been a Yes supporter from the very start. I don’t trust Westminster and their blatant lies. I also don’t trust the BBC and their blatant distortion of the facts. Scotland will thrive on their own and we’ll always get what we vote for. For 60+ years Scotland had always been outnumbered when they vote. We can finally take matters into our own hands and if we didn’t have the resources to do so why would Westminster want to keep us in the first place. This is a revolutionary grassroots movement that’s about hope and positivity rather than the scaremongering and fear that Better Together have been spouting from the beginning. I’m not even an SNP supporter but I support democracy and and a Yes vote is to be rid of the Tory toffs who have kept us down for too long now. They only want to keep their land and riches while the working class of Scotland are continually trampled upon. They give themselves a 10% pay rise while we have 1 in 3 children in poverty, people using food banks and people with disabilities having to fight for their right to care in the 21st century. It’s a disgrace and a No vote is only to continue the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. This is only scratching surface and I don’t see it any other way. Enough is enough!


  3. I don’t know enough about why Scotland actually wants to go it alone. Seems like a stupid decision from a southerners point of view but heh ho. Let’s hope the politicians who have persuaded everyone to vote Yes actually have the peoples best interests at heart, because they usually don’t!


      • Trusting politicians is always a very hard thing to do but Salmond himself has even said this is not about him or the SNP. This is about social democracy and fairness. I haven’t heard any of that from the unionist parties. If there’s a yes vote and independence goes through on March 2016, there will be an election two months later (in May) for the Scottish people to decide who they want to take them forward. That’s doesn’t necessarily mean an SNP victory. Scotland will regroup and their voices will be heard in their entirety in who they feel can do the best job. As it stands, Westminster are making a complete arse of things. Not just in Scotland but across the UK as a whole. It’s time for change!


    • Does that then suggest that the Westminster government have the people’s interests at heart? I highly doubt it considering they are giving themselves pay rises while making cuts across the board for those less fortunate.


        • Scotland certainly do not think thisand if the media are depicting us in this mindset then it’s complete lies. Tell me, have you seen the media covering the massive protests against the BBC in Glasgow? Probably not because Scotland are not getting a fair representation in the media. We are fully aware of the austerity cuts affecting all of us. It just so happens that Scotland now have a chance to change that for their people and I firmly believe that England and Wales will benefit from our voices in standing up. In the words of Billy Brag, “Scottish independence will free the whole of the UK”.
          The union is broken and doesn’t serve the people anymore. I’d happily stand side by side and hand in hand with my southern neighbours when the time comes for them too.


          • I think its going a bit far to say that the BBC is biased. Just because a news source doesn’t say what you want it doesn’t make it biased. I’m from Northern Ireland and I think the union breaking up is a bad thing for the UK in general.


          • I entirely disagree, Mikey. I personally watched Alex Salmond’s live talk on tv in afternoon the other day and he was posed a question by BBC journalist Nick Robinson. Not only did Salmond answer the question but he wiped the floor with the guy. On the BBC news later that evening Robinson claimed that Salmond never answered his question. I witnessed it with my own eyes and an enquiry is being called into the conduct of the BBC and the treasury leaks. Believe me, I’ve been following this very closely. Whenever the BBC mention the protests outside their offices, they mention it for about 10secs and drastically reduce the number of protesters involved. It’s blatant censorship and that’s not paranoia. That’s fact.


          • I’m finding it disgusting to be honest. Cameron personally asking Obama to get involved (which was also leaked) as well as many other celebrities to stick their noses in. There’s David Beckham even doing it now. Why? Because he has an interest in a whisky company who believe Cameron and his big business bullshit. At the end of the day, this is all about landowners and big business looking after their interests. I’m working class – a small man – and its people like me and the children of the future who will benefit from this. It’s about having a voice and being counted, instead of being drowned out. It’s about proportional representation and if it doesn’t happen, I’m seriously thinking about leaving Scotland as I can bear to see where the country will end up after this. Christ man, they still haven’t even made up their minds on what extra powers they would give us if we voted No. It’s all lies and deceit. Excuse my rants, man. I just feel very passionate about this.


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