Screenkicker Goes To the USA

I know posts have been a bit sparse this month so you littlekickers have been suffering from withdrawals symptoms. Don’t worry, excessive sweating and itchy blood is to be expected when you cant get access to the best movie blog in the world! So what have i been up to? Well firstly the last month or two have been awful for good films. And secondly, I’ve been preparing to go on a trip to the USA in October!

This will be me in New York

Ideally I’m hoping to knock out some articles for you when I’m on my travels. Anything movie related will be theme so the fact that my first stop is New York, probably the most identifiable movie location in the world. I’ve already planned my itinerary around Home Alone 2 so there should be a lot of extreme violence and weird old pigeon ladies.


After the big apple, I’ll be jumping on a plane (at this point I should explain that I’m terrified of flying) and heading south to Texas, home of chainsaw massacres and Debbie doing places. Here I’ll be discovering my inner cowboy (hopefully more Clint Eastwood than Brokeback Mountain), eating huge steaks, and generally trying out all of the lazy stereotypes I can think of.


So wish me luck and join me for the first ever international Screenkicker month and if you see me around say hello, or howdy, or whatever corruption of the English language you traitors to the crown use. U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!!


  1. You will be shocked how big Texas is. Like four Scotlands stuffed together. I’d much rather visit Scotland than Texas. 😉
    You have a great time! Your accent will get you lots of drinks. I’d work that.


  2. Have fun, Mike! Don’t get eaten by cannibals!!! Hehe – you & Home Alone 2… 😉 Hey! Read my blog before you leave, dammit! I did a top 10 I REALLY expected you to have a dirty comment about. 😉


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