First And Only – The Story Of A Crowdfunded Scottish Film


Today something a little different as Screenkicker’s resident industry insider/ass-kisser Chris Bridges goes behind the scenes of a new local crowdfunded movie called First and Only. Going by the title i’m presuming its about that time Chris had sex. Here’s Chris to explain what its really about:

Something special is happening in Edinburgh right now  – and no it isn’t the fact that there were no fatalities during the Black Friday sales – it is the success of Scotland’s most ambitious feature film crowdfunding campaign.  But what film is this campaign for I hear you ask; the answer is – First and Only.


The film First and Only is based on Peter Flannery’s best selling psychic thriller of the same name, the film follows the adventures of Psimon – a young man with exceptional powers who is haunted by the murder of an old friend. Described as (by the makers – not us) a mix between The Bourne Trilogy and The Sixth Sense the movie see Psimon track down a serial killer whilst battling with his own inner demons (all good characters need inner demons) as well as world governments (all good characters need to battle governments or corrupt faceless corporations ) who decide he is too dangerous to be allowed to roam free.


Edinburgh based Director, Magnus Wake, snapped up the rights after reading the kindle hit and decided it would make a darn good movie.  Not deterred by the fact that darn good films, cost a darn lot to make – Magnus and author Peter launched an indiegogo crowdfund to raise £50,000 of the film’s £1 million budget.


The campaign has been running for the past month and so far has been a great success.  With less than 36 hours to go, they have raised 93% of their target (for those of you shit at maths – that is a shit load!).  They have achieved this impressive total by offering a whole host of perks and rewards to inspire potential funders to dig deep into their pockets and get involved.

So why are we telling you all this? Well Screenkicker have an interview coming up with the Director of this project – Magnus Wake – soon, and we think it’ll be a much more interesting interview if he is actually making a movie!


For more info on the project go to:


And to get involved got to:


Check back soon for Screenkicker’s interview with the Director of First and Only!


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